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HEATSCOPE® infrared heaters were developed for installation in a wide range of temporarily used rooms and outdoor areas. Application areas range from heating enclosed rooms such as sunrooms and conservatories to classic balconies and patios to spa and wellness areas, as well as in beer gardens, pavilions and restaurant patios.

Whatever the application, there are three questions that must be answered to determine the best possible heating solution:

  • How windy is the area you want to heat/warm?
    Is it fully protected from wind, like a sunroom, for example.
    Is it a well-protected outdoor area, such as a semi-enclosed private patio?
    OR is this area subject to more wind such as an open patio or outdoor restaurant seating area?

  • What type of space you are looking to install the HEATSCOPE heater into?
    Is it a private installation covering a few square feet?
    Are you looking to create warmth for an outdoor seating area of a restaurant?

  • How high can/should the heater be installed? Is there a way to mount the heater directly above the area to be covered?
    How far can the heater be dropped from the ceiling?
    Do you want to mount it on the wall of ceiling?

The following pages cover major application areas and which of the 3 recommended models of HEATSCOPE Infrared Heater would be best for each type of space. These recommendations are based empirical values that have proved both efficient and effective in recent years.

HEATSCOPE Infrared Heaters can be installed in many other areas. Not just as recommended. Do not hesitate to contact us for help with your particular project.

Keep the following in mind, regardless of the application:

  • HEATSCOPE Infrared Heaters must be installed at a height between 6 to 13 feet (the specific height requirement is based on the HEATSCOPE model and type).
  • Installation base for any HEATSCOPE Infrared Heater should be made of NON-Flammable material(s): heater must be installed with a minimum distance of .55”inch.
  • The minimum distance of any surrounding flammable material(s) such as awnings or draperies must not be less than 0.65” – 1.00”. (Read “Technical Information”)

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