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What would a wellness facility or a spa or your own bathroom be without an area that is warm and invites you to relax? The comfortable temperatures generated by HEATSCOPE® infrared radiant heaters create a unique ambiance that makes you feel good right away, because the heat can be felt in just a few seconds, allowing you to lean back and enjoy.

The heat is generated by two carbon heating elements with significantly reduced light output. What little light they generate is further filtered through a ceramic panel made by Schott. As a result, they output only 15 to 20 percent of the light generated by conventional infrared heaters to further enhance the comfortable spa atmosphere.

Particularly in an area where you want to relax, this ambience is critical so that nothing interferes with your enjoyment of the surroundings.

For installations in well-covered patios (sheltered, indoor) we recommend:
HEATSCOPE Vision ambient heaters or HEATSCOPE Spot power heaters.

HEATSCOPE VISION heaters, available in black or white, generate comfortable heat with very little output of orange ambient light. They produce only 15 to 20 percent of the light output by conventional halogen radiant heaters. HEATSCOPE Vision heaters operate in the midwave infrared range. They are best suited for enclosed rooms that are used only temporarily, such as sunrooms, glasshouses or enclosed decks, as well as in outdoor areas with very little wind.


 Vision heaters provide comforting heat in the covered area only half a minute after being switched on.

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HEATSCOPE Spot radiant heaters are available with a black or white protective grille. With their exceptionally subtle and pleasant orange light, they generate only 30 to 40 percent of the light output by conventional infrared heaters. They reach their maximum heat output almost instantly. Due to their fast midwave infrared range, they are best suited for heating windy exterior areas such as open patios or balconies.

Heizstrahler_auf_Infrarot-Basis_HEATSCOPE_Spot_2800W_black_on_kWith HEATSCOPE Spot power heaters, the heat is noticeable on the skin after only 15 seconds. From here the heat spreads all over.

Get access to the HEATSCOPE Vision ambient heaters

Since each installation environment is different, we can only provide general advice – based on our many years of experience – which type of heater works best in bathrooms, spas and wellness facilities. Please remember that heater performance may vary depending on their installation, environment and ambient wind conditions.

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